Saturday, 31 May 2008


I meant to post this about a week ago but forgot:

Last Friday I also went to the White Cube Gallery to see Gregory Crewdson's new works for his series 'Beneath the Roses'. He seems really obsessed with snow, rain and fog. I like his work because it's all ambiguous and cinematic and the atmospheric use of light is quite 'inspiring', although his photographs on show as part of 'Twilight' at the V&A in 2006 were a bit better I though. I also find it interesting that it takes weeks to construct just one image, but that's understanding considering the level of detail in each picture.

Anyway it's over now so you can't go see it anymore, skanked.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


This is a drawing (or maybe a painting, I'm not quite sure) by Robert Longo from his 'Men in Cities' series, I just put it up because I like it really, I saw some of his work at this exhibition called Panic Attack! last year I think it was, which focussed around "punk art", there was some pretty amusing pornographic art from everyone's favourite pandrogynous artist/musician etc etc Genesis P-Orridge.
Today I am simply posting some songs that have been stuck in my head, CURIOUSLY they all include the word 'head' in the title.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Today I am posting some covers for y'all. The first one is by a band that I am a big fan of, the Angry Angles, this is one of the many projects of the infamous Jay Reatard (here's his blog), they were a short lived but great band. You may already be aware of Jay Reatard's solo material but if not I do highly recommend checking it out. If not, you could always just watch the YouTube video of him punching some man. This is their cover of a Wire song. I love Wire. Grace and I will be seeing them later on this summer at Offset festival so stay tuned for our reviews and that.

And next, we all know how many covers there have been of Blue Monday - fucking loads. Here's one by the infamous Country Teasers. It's a nice, sloppy, scruffy, slippy, slappy-dashy live cover. You'll love it.

Sunday, 25 May 2008


On Friday I went to see Broken Social Scene at Shepherd's Bush Empire. They weren't actually as good as the time I saw them at Reading Festival, but that's probably because last time they had Emily Haines from Metric to sing 'Anthems For a Seventeen Year Old Girl' and I had consumed a lot more alcohol. They did however do this cool experimental bit where they 'looked at the melodies of conversation' by played about with recordings of people talking.
Here is a song from some album from some time (too tired to look it up):

Their support was The Brunettes, who seem to really love handclaps. They didn't play the one song I had heard (Loopy Loopy Love), but as it turns out they're behind the song off that Hollyoaks ad. I thought they were actually really enjoyable and put on a good show - including a dance contest where the prize was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' "which had only been run over once". Plus they had New Zealand accents.

Thursday, 22 May 2008


EUROVISION has come round again - this Saturday - and I love it ... Mostly because of Terry Wogan getting gradually more inebriated as the night wears on; it is incredibly entertaining. Apparently Wogan was told off by the 'head of Eurovision' last year because he doesn't take it seriously..!
Spain has an amazing entry:

By amazing I obviously mean insane. That isn't the final version of the song, but I find watching this version with the subtitles a very enjoyable experience. I like the way he can play the guitar with his nose.

Surprisingly, France have an entry that I like in a non-ironic way:
Sebastien Tellier - Divine
It's really catchy and fun and completely unlike the Sebastien Tellier stuff I had heard before - which was actually just the song on the Lost in Translation soundtrack.
Also, here's a Midnight Juggernauts remix for kicks. They've slowed it down and the first minute or so wouldn't sound out of place as the soundtrack for a moon landing:
Sebastien Tellier - Divine (Midnight Juggernauts remix)

Of course, nothing will ever top my absolute favourite entry from the Ukraine last year. The costumes, the dancing, the 'breakdown':

Check the Popbitch guide if you want to explore more of the weird and wonderful world of Eurovision.


Greetings all (I use the word 'all' somewhat artistically here), I have come bearing gifts, musical gifts. Today I will be informing you about a band I came across recently called Major Organ and the Adding Machine, their music has a sort of Animal Collectivey feel to it but I only say this because I don't know who else I could compare them to. Major Organ and the Adding Machine are a product of Elephant Six Recordings and are a sort of super-group with contributors from various other bands in the company such as Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power and Of Montreal. To be honest I think all of these bands are pretty mediocre, however Major Organ and the Adding Machine are just kind of fun and summery and "ZANY".

There have also been rumours that there is to be a Major Organ motion picture, so hold on to your hats.

Major Organ and the Adding Machine - His Master's Pet Whistles

I couldn't find a good enough picture of MAATAM, so instead here's a picture of some cats in bikinis.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Why aren't there more album covers like this beauty from Devastatin' Dave (The Turntable Slave)??
Devastin' Dave has made it his mission to inform the kids about drugs, however due to his 'off the wall' style of rapping, you get the impression that Dave himself is whacked up on the funny stuff and you will immediately want to reach for the class-As just to make this experience more bearable.
Hence Dave, you have FAILED.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Before you continue, this song is necessary to check that your speakers are working properly.
This is the kind of song you listen to once, but any band that dresses up has my seal of approval - check the photos bit on their website. Every band should dress up like that.